Bryan Lee O’Malley: Can’t wait for ‘Seconds’?

I learned two totally exciting things today.

1. Bryan Lee O’Malley is bringing out a new comic


2. It’s being released by Random House in July 2014

“Juuuuulyyyy” I hear you cry. Well, despite how endless January currently feels that’s not long folks. Just think of yourself, kicking back after work with some sort of tall peachy drink, the warm evening sun caressing the pages of your brand new O’Malley comic, pages smelling faintly of paper dust and magical-realism…

So far all we know about ‘Seconds’ is that it is set in a restaurant in a fairy-tale world that I’m pretty sure all O’Malley fans will lap up like Ms. Pacman with the munchies.

O’Malley has described his protagonist as a “lovable spaz”.

I love her already.

You can see more previews of ‘Seconds’ artwork over at iO9.

I love that this has gone even more manga in it’s artistic style – I especially love that he mentions Rumiko Takahashi as an influence. I’ve been a massive Inuyasha fan since living in Japan many moons ago and sitting poring over each new release with my denchi-jisho and a puzzled look on my face…”a what monster now??”

And this slight delay in your pleasure means you’ve plenty of time to re-read all those lovely black and white original Scott Pilgrim comics you collected on 3 for 2 in Waterstones despite the weird feeling of buying comics from a high street book shop (it was weird for me any way).

So blow the dust of those babies and re-live some magic moments from the surreal video game-infused life of Scott and Co.

Scott Pilgrim

Who can resist mentally humming “dah dah dah da daaaah” in a Windwaker-esque way when Scott finally earns the power of love?


Relive your own sweaty teenage memories of following that band you loved from one dive to the next (but without the angst and damaged ear-drums).


Which I think is kind of why the film didn’t quite do it for me.

I mean lets face it, enjoying the distant memory of (in hindsight) terrible, loud, shaky amateur music is waaay better than seeing it weirdly re-created and glossed up on-screen by Hollywood.  And that’s only fun if you fancy the bass player, so yeah, the film loses out for me to the comic any day.

I’ll post a review of ‘Seconds’ as soon as I can get hold of a copy.

Until then you can follow Bryan Lee O’Malley in various ways including on Tumblr where he also announced that the Scott Pilgrim series is being re-released in colour.

Until then if you start going out with someone who has seven evil exes – you know what to do…


Scott-Pilgrim-Comic - Copy

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